Eric Heep is a performer and composer in Santa Fe, NM. His work generally includes incorporating existing technology in novel ways, coding, and experimental and procedural sound. In his work, he strives to expose the processes and form of natural phenomena. He has had his work performed for or at The Dog Star Festival, the wulf., The Geffen Contemporary, CCRMA, The Readers Chorus, and more.

He received his BFA (2014) and MFA (2016) in Music Technology at California Institute of the Arts where studied with Scott Cazan and Mark Trayle.

Previous work experience includes Kadenze as a programmer creating automatic graders for audio focused online classes, TechMDinc as a themed entertainment show programmer and Meow Wolf (in Santa Fe, NM) as a sound technologist and network audio systems designer. Currently teaching music technology as adjunct faculty at CalArts.

You can reach me at ericheep at gmail dot com

He also works with these artists.

Amanda Ackerman
Amy Golden
Cassia Streb
Collin Parson
Daniel Clarke
Erika Bell
Erin Demastes
Ethan Marks
Harold Abramovitz
James Waterman
Janie Geiser
John Eagle
Jon Haas
Jordan Dykstra
Les Stuck
Manuel Lima
Meason Wiley
Rachel Yezbick
Readers Chorus
Sara Roberts