(Oct, 2015)

A mechatronic performance between a human and a sonic sculpture. The framing of the experience ended up the bulk of the piece. After I finished the sculpture, I finally got to the programing; this was a day before the performance was slated.

I didn't have anything to do that day, so I setup in the kitchen and started coding. It was new territory for me; most of the day was spent trying to realize the purpose of the object and trying to figure out why I was trying performing with it. That ended up becoming the piece itself; the process of realizing an objects purpose through experimentation.

I took the same setup I had in that kitchen, the table, the lamp, the object, and brought that to the performance space.

For the second performance, I followed the same process, but it was only accessible via a mine shaft type elevator. Those performances were even better, the entire experience of riding down an freight elevator to a dimly lit space and encountering this Frankenstein-esque scenario.