(Mar, 2019)

Work in progress.

The goal of this application is to create an interface that allows a user to change precisely one part of an online sequencer, upon which the user is banned from making any further changes.

This application keeps growing, thus why I've yet to finish it. It started with the Vue/Vuex client with a paper.js interface, then I added a Node backend with that stores to an Influx DB, logging user information and a record of all the changes to be made.

Then I realized I needed a separate server running on a Raspberry Pi which communicates OSC to the Node backend and controls the analog synth and streams the audio/video back to the client.

Other additions include 3D printing an enclosure for the Raspberry Pi to fit inside the modular skiff.

Soon it'll be ready, I'll just need a few more free weekends (not looking forward to recompiling FFmpeg for the RPi).