Manifold Interface Amplitude Panner
(Jan, 2018)

A two dimensional panner for any number of speakers that are aligned in a plane. Prototyped as a ChucK class, then turned into a ChucK Chugin, and then transformed into a JUCE application for the company I work for.

The Chugin was rewritten for Ethel-Agnes-Vera, as I needed a compiled version of the Chuck prototype so it could run reliably on a collection of Raspberry Pis.

The application was then again rewritten as part of an overhaul to the audio system installed inside the Griffith Park Observatory. The user can control the position of the sound by drawing on a pre-configured map of the space, which then sends MIDI to a ProTools rig for fader automation.

This project and the work that it has produced is based off the work of Zachary Seldess' MaxMSP and Pure Date externals, which is in turn based on Meyer Sound’s SpaceMap multi-channel panning feature of CueStation.